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2019-2020 Executive Board elected

Congratulations also go out to our newly elected 2019-2020 PTSA Executive Board. On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, the following people were elected and sworn in to their new offices:

President....................... Christine Fatkin
1st Vice President........... Melissa Gage
2nd Vice President........... Tammy Rudolph
Treasurer........................ Jennifer Narango
Recording Secretary.......... Laurie Schattall
Corresponding Secretary....... Marisa Ehrlich

Please support them and the PTSA activities next year to ensure that our students and staff are able to enjoy all the activities that the PTSA historically provides for them!

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Important Dates
5/14- Dominic's Spirit Night (11 am- 10 pm)
5/20- Spring Concerts (6:30- 6 Orch and 6 Band A-11)
       -(8pm- 8 Band B1 and 7 Band A3/4 & B5/6, 6/7)
5/21- 6th Turkey Trot
        -Sweet Frog Spirit Night (5 - 8 pm)
5/22- 7th & 8th Turkey Trot
       - Spring Concerts 6:30pm (7 Orchestra and 8 Band A1 & B8/9)
       - 8:00pm (7 Band A5 and 6 Band B10, A10, & B11)

2018 - 19 Executive Board
    President:  Jolie Headley
    1st Vice President:  Christine Fatkin
    2nd Vice President:  Hummera Khan
    Treasurer:  Kim Levush
    Recording Secretary:  Laurie Schattall
    Corresponding Secretary:  Cindy Shilling

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